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Flat Buyers’ Surveys

Buying a home is the biggest investment most of us make, and it’s therefore important to get it right. That means making sure you know exactly what you are buying, and any responsibilities or obligations that come with it. The same goes for selling a home, when it is important to understand all the factors that will affect the final sale price. In fact, home owners who intend to stay in a property also have an interest in having a detailed knowledge of its condition so they can plan its maintenance. Whether buying, selling or staying, a survey made by an expert ensures there will be no nasty surprises.

About Our Flat Buyers’ Surveys

EK Finnegan are specialists when it comes to building surveys for flats and residential blocks. We have built our business around the residential leasehold sector, and developed a specific product that is tailor-made to the needs of flat buyers and residential block managers. Our team has all the expertise and experience to survey flats of all kinds, including those in heritage buildings.

Before carrying out any survey, we review the lease and assess the leasehold obligations. We then survey the whole building, including communal areas, external walls and the roof, and advise on the implications of their condition in terms of the obligations that would come with ownership of the flat. We also point out any repairs that might be necessary now or in future and draw on our expertise in licences to alter identify previous alterations that might not have been noticed. Finally, we contact the landlord or managing agent to find out about service charges, sinking funds and any planned future works. This way we can identify any financial risks that would come with the purchase of the flat.

In conducting surveys, we draw on our in-depth knowledge of both the technical aspects of the construction and maintenance of buildings and the legal aspects of leases, especially in the context of leasehold properties in blocks of flats. All this means a survey by EK Finnegan is anything but ‘bog standard’.

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