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Condition & Snagging Inspection

Condition Surveys

A condition survey involves a detailed, technical inspection and assessment of either a building or a specific area of a building or piece of land, recording any defects. There are three key reasons to undertake a condition survey.

1. To assess the condition of a building before acquiring it or entering a lease, or at expiry of a lease term, where there is or will be a liability to undertake repairs.

If you are entering into a lease or contract where there is a responsibility to maintain a building or part thereof, it is recommended that a condition survey is undertaken to establish the condition and any maintenance liabilities. The condition survey will facilitate negotiations and allow for informed decision-making. This will help reduce the risk of taking on expensive, unquantified repairing obligations.

2. To record the condition of an adjoining property before a building owner undertakes any works that could affect it, in accordance with the Party Wall Act.

The condition survey will record the condition before and after the works, so that any consequential damage can be rectified and made good by the party responsible for the damage. If you are planning work that could have an adverse effect on your neighbour’s property, or if others are undertaking work that could have an impact on your building, then a condition survey is strongly recommended.

3. To establish the condition of a building (or part) or land (access, boundaries etc.) prior to and after any development or refurbishment works.

This is essential to ensure the works are properly planned with any complications or potential problems taken into account.


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